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This is our story.

We have been contributing to the built environment for more than a decade. Bane Andreev founded the company in 2010, and embarked on a journey to create architectural practice that would push boundaries, challenge traditional norms and redefine local urban landscape. Today, our mission remains strong. The company expanded to a staff of 12 experts working out of a studio in Belgrade, Serbia, and Zagreb, Croatia. With its skilled multidisciplinary team, highly specialized in architectural design and research, construction works supervision and management, the company is capable of getting the best solution for the project, regarding all received inputs and demands from the client. We believe that the design should be both timeless and meaningful, where each detail reflects a sense of quality and performance. We pride ourselves on the ability to communicate ideas with both clients and stakeholders in an open and transparent manner. 


What do we actually do?

Biro Andreev is familiar with local regulations through experience in all stages of project submissions and documentations needed for construction permits. We embrace a collaborative design process, engaging with investors, stakeholders, and fostering a deep understanding of the client's vision to ensure the final result exceeds expectations. Biro's portfolio includes residential and commercial projects as well as cultural and educational facilities, which showcases company's wide knowledge and experience in the design field. 

Design is a collaborative process, therefore the architect must assimilate the thoughts and requirements of diverse interest groups. Every project is unique and requires a different strategy, which leads to the creation of highly functional spaces that are in line with the specific needs of our clients. 

At Biro Andreev, we’re committed to lead design role. As planning and design specialists, our core values are knowledge, openness and efficiancy. We’re not just designers—we’re problem solvers. When you come to us with an idea or a need, we’ll work with you to turn it into something real and tangible. We take pride in our ability to think outside the box and create unique solutions that make our client’s projects stand out from the rest.



Bane Andreev, founder & CEO
Tanja Janjić, Head of Architecture design
Svetlana Bačević, Head of Water supply & sewerage design
Sava Rabrenović, Head of Civil engineering
Aleksandra Bajkovec, Architect
Branislava Bukvić, Architect


Olivera Zafirović, Architect
Nikola Milev, Civil engineer
Marko Riboškić, Interior architect
Milovan Miljković, Civil engineer
Milica Vučić, Architect
Aleksandra Mitrović, Accounting


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